Kung Fu Monkey Slots Review

Microgaming designed the fascinating game, Kung Fu Monkey, which has a theme centered on a Chinese martial art form. Kung Fu, as a sport, is highly popular not only in China but also across the globe. The developers of the game designed and created it in the hopes that more people could relate to it and therefore would want to play it at Onlinecasinos.

Introduced in 2009, the game features five reels and fifteen pay lines. Gamers are allowed to start betting from one cent and can bet a maximum of fifty cents per pay line. The game offers features such as the wild symbol; scatter symbol, score multipliers, casino bonus games and free spins.

Despite having a number of features, the game was criticized for not having a large jackpot but instead one that amounts to only 2500 coins. The only way to hit this jackpot is to get five wild symbols on the screen during the same spin, in the same line.

The wild symbol in this game is none other than the kung fu monkey himself. This is considered an all-powerful symbol that can be used to replace every symbol except the two scatters. The two scatter symbols in this game are the Chinese gong and the Chinatown logo, each serves a different purpose.

The gong is used to activate the free spins and the score multiplier feature, whereas, the Chinatown symbol is a gateway to the bonus round. In both cases, three or more scatter symbols must appear on the screen in one single spin, to activate the special features of the game. Find out more special features of this game by playing now at GoldenRiviera Casino.

The bonus round is a whole new game in itself and consists of three levels. In each level, the player will have to face various opponents and will come face to face with the most ferocious opponent, the big bad gorilla, in the final level of the bonus game. One of the upsides to this game is that you can play it at many MOBILE CASINOS.

Although the grand jackpot amount is low, players can use the gamble option in a bid to increase their winnings. The game is worth playing just for the animations alone. Find the best quality animation at GrandReef Casino.