Stu Ungar: hendon mafia online poker data source

Five Untold Stories About The Genius That Was Stu Ungar

In 2004 I put together a really good series and that’s when they noticed me. In the side interviews, the questions that they asked were all a part of finding out the beginning, middle and ending of the story. When they shot these one-hour episodes they were making documentary-like stories. The way they shoot poker nowadays is nowhere near as good as that. The main reason is that they were looking to tell a story back then while now it’s all focused on the poker,” Negreanu said as he opened up an entirely different discussion.

Many of the top players he played against couldn’t stand him-not because he took their money but because of the way he acted at the table. In my opinion he was a punk who lived and loved the fast life of drugs and gambling that lead to his demise. If you want an example of a poker player who is also a great person look for Barry Greenstein who donates millions of dollars in winings to charity not a drug habit. To here some people judge stu or even talk about who he was , or where did he go wrong. Guys don’t waste your time , the man was a legend and always Have been one.

What level of drug abuse are we to understand caused problems with wearing contact lenses? If anything, they might be more comfortable than glasses to some addicts. Ungar also won the Main Event at the now-defunct Amarillo Slim’s Super Bowl of Poker in 1984, 1988 and 1989, when it was considered by the poker world the world’s second most prestigious poker title. As Amarillo Slim himself put it, “Stu musta won a million dollars in my tournaments.”

Most in the poker circles today agree that it is a true shame that Ungar never lived to see the poker boom, as he would have likely been the kind of celebrity that the modern poker world has not seen. If you forget to live outside of the casinos, the thrill of gambling can take it all away. On the one side, Stu could beat practically anyone at cards, and he made millions doing it. The Kid’s generosity was often extended to cab drivers, who he used to get around Las Vegas, and tipped generously. He also loved to overpay and tip for food for himself and his friends, although he would eat it in an extremely fast fashion, looking to get back into the action.

During the tournament, Ungar kept a picture of his daughter Stefanie in his wallet, and he regularly called her with updates on his progress. Following an up-and-down first day, Ungar showed up for each subsequent day well rested and mentally sharp. He would go on to amass a large chip lead and carry the lead into the final table.

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